Saturday, 2 March 2019

Karaoke + Japanese Dinner @ Warakuya

Having your meal during a karaoke session is not a new concept in Kuala Lumpur.  But having a japanese meal during a karaoke session is another story!

That´s what happened during my recent trip back to visit my family.

Warakuya is fairly unknown to Klang Valley folks.  Upon recommendation from someone, we decided to give their new outlet in Kota Damansara a try.  From online post, their food speaks volume.

As luck has it, the restaurant was full though it was a weekday.  Seeing us two ladies with 3 hungry looking kids, the wait staff quickly offered us the karaoke room usage while having our meal.  Only condition is, each of us need fulfill minimum one main course.  Hence what you see here.  Table full of bentos!

We went a bit overboard of course.  But seeing such reasonable priced item, we simply could not say NO!

Their unagi bento was priced under RM30.00 with all the side dishes such as salad, rice, soup etc ...

My nephew loves his teriyaki .. and again, it came with a set which was way too much food for us.

Again, it was priced around RM25.00 I think ...

We had a few more bentos to be shared among 5 of us.  Everything was delicious, freshly prepared and of impressive quality considering the bill totalling less than RM190.00 (€45) ...

But of course, the highlight of it all is the singing!

The latest Kpop songs, the nostalgic tunes of yesteryears for oldies like me ...

My nieces and nephew could sing in Korean so well!


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