Monday, 19 March 2018

Verso Intenzo, Enschede

One of us got a year older!

Try and guess from the photo below which of us fell into that category :-) 

Being a year older is not such a bad thing.  Not at this age, this millenium where all possibilities are there!  Keeping things low key, like all our previous birthday dos, we celebrated them in an  intimate italian restaurant across the border.  I´ve not had a great italian cuisine for sometime.  It is usually not a cuisine choice as we cook pasta or take away pizza quite often.  Verso Intenzo however, it not that kind of italian joint you find all over Germany.

Let the pictures speak for itself :-)

Starting with dry Prosecco ... from a fantastic 2008 bottle.

My favourite red from Italy, a Barolo from La Fusina 2012.


Amuse Bouche of Chanterelle and Smoke Salmon / Beef (for him)

Love the combo.

Fregula with Seared Tuna, excellent temperature, well seared .. fregula was cooked al-dente and well seasoned.


His Pork Belly melt in the mouth!  Highlight of the entire meal ...

His main of calb done well ...

Two pieces of Zander Fillet, Two pieces of Tiger Prawn on mash sweet potato.  Fried bread was excellent, love it crispy ... shallots was unnecessary, but it could be so that I´m not a huge fan prepared this way.

From plating perspective, this got our thumbs up.  The pear taste shined through the mousse terrine.  Salted peanut ice cream was done well too.  But I´m not sure if both complimented each other well.

It´s been our habit lately to end any heavy meal with an espresso.

Not too bad for a three-course surprise dinner menu.

We will be back to check out their ala-carte soon.  

Love the vibe here!

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