Friday, 16 March 2018

Michelin Two Rated Costes DownTown Budapest

Not another Michelin restaurant review post!  Hope you don´t get me wrong.  I´m just to lazy to go dig my other restaurant/cafe album from facebook, copy them than posting them here versus simply locating my photos straight from my hard drive.

This was from last year.  And I can still remember how good it was!  First impression counts, and I love the way how they do up the focal point of the restaurant.

Budapesters loveeee their food.  For someone living in West Europe, it´s affordable even to dine in a Michelin rated restaurant like this one, Costes Downtown.

I had high expectation, because one one googles Michelin, they will surely pop up.

And true enough, it was excellent from start to finish.  Though, it was only for lunch!  I can´t imagine how it would be like if it´s dinner service.  Must be super exquisite, if even there´s a word for it.

First came some cracker or nibble to kick start the lunch.  It was seaweed-ish kind of cracker which I simply love.  It finished within minutes.  I cook, so normally I´m pretty good at desiphering the ingredients on what goes into my mouth, but this one got me stumped.

Finely grated butter, from normal to caramalised.  My first tasting them this way and I´m blown away.  How clever is that?!

Fish done right, smoked and grilled lightly, served with puy lentils with spiced base seasoning. Excellently prepared, fish was moist and warm.

Highlight for me was the Mangalica Pork.  So underrated as compared to the hairy cousin from Spain.  Juicy, full of flavour and pride and joy of every Hungarian.  Costes Downtown did an excellent job pairing them with a berry/wine base sauce, something heavier to go with the pork.  The load up, it was serve on a creamy base parsnips puree.  Usually not a fan, but they elevated it to this level of light deliciousness with a slight twang.  Love it.

To end, white chocolate ice cream with minty foam,  done well.  Perfectly formed, right temperature - the kitchen needs to be clinically run to get this consistency to customer´s table and they did it so well.  Love it.

Before paying, a small closure to sweeten it up.

It´s approximately 25 Euro for such a lavishly cooked experience.  

Totally recommended.

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