Thursday, 29 March 2018

Mazel Tov @ Budapest

Mazel Tov in Budapest´s Jewish Quarter 7th District is a must, must go.  Although Budapest is packed to the brim with cafes and restaurant in every nook and corner, there´s something about this space which simply screams `cool´!

I love how they transform an old rundown building to this light, airy, recreational, leafy spot which one feels automatically at ease the moment you step in.

I was not hungry.  In Budapest, food is abundant and cheap, but yet, I cannot help wondering into Mazel Tov just to soak in as much as my stomach could take me.


I guess a slice of their famous Jeruselam Cheesecake does not hurt.

And a cup of good roasted coffee, of course.

Only one complain.  

I was initially seated next to the loo although the cafe was empty due to off-peak hour.  And the smell!  Perhaps they should consider replacing the aesthetically looking hanging door.  I asked to be moved to the next table soon after, and it was way better.

If you want to check this place out, do obliged kindly and head centre or further away from the loo.  Be warned.

Thumbs up nevertheless for preserving an old, ancient quarter building to this marvelous scale.

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