Monday, 26 March 2018

Hutong @ The Shard, London

It has became a norm for us to visit a chinese restaurant for their Peking Duck whenever we are in London.  There´s just something about the duck meat in London which I find flavourful and meaty.  Great combination!  And oh yes, the availability of excellent Canton trained chef too to prepare the legendary Peking Duck, outside China.

A true Peking Duck dish is serve to the customer at the table by the trained chef.  Slicing them is a skill on its own - just like how a sushi chef does, and it does make a difference of course.  I love mine sliced thin with the crispy duck skin being the star of the dish, not the meat.

Hutong´s version is fairly commendable.  Flavour is there.  Texture is there too.  But I do prefer the one in Min Jiang.  Their skin is excellent!

But I should not complain, as the view here makes up for it!

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