Monday, 12 March 2018

dEssensi - A Michelin One Rated in Belgium

A couple friend suggested us to try out a  nearby Michelin rated restaurant for dinner when we visit them in Antwerp.

Fantastic idea as we love trying out new flavours instead of our regular breakfast toast, soupy lunch or bolognese dinner.

Truth to be told, most of their dishes were overshadowed by our companion and his excellent selection of Burgundy wine.  Chamboille Musigny to be precise.

Most of the dishes were also fish base and vinegar based.  They should have included more variety onto their course dinner.

If you were to ask me to chose one out of the four course, my vote goes to the dessert.  Seasonal strawberry with curd cheese base dessert, something substantial after our light, small portion course.

The meal is not too bad, but it´s not fab either.

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