Saturday, 10 March 2018

Bar Boulud, Mandarin Oriental London

This is my attempt in reviving my long forgotten blog.  How long has it been?  Months, years?

Yes, I´m still around.  Alive and kicking.  Nothing much changed, except my waistline and the occassional allergy which seems to hit me hard when Spring kicks in so yeah, I´m sitting here in my room browsing thru blogs and pity set into me as I´m indoor bound, again.

But heck, there´s more to life than just going outdoor, isn´t it.

I´ve lots of content.  Mostly in my facebook feed and I guess its time to slowly transfer them into words as I am one of those who loves scrolling back in the future, and reading what was running through my mind!

Here´s what we had last July.  Since bringing hubby to Bar Boulud three years ago, we´ve been coming back every year since.

It´s ran by Chef Daniel Boulud, famed for his two star Michelin restaurant in New York and subsequently, a string of equally good restaurants followed suit.

Bar Boulud in London, though not Michelin 2 rated, serves equally delicious food, french bistro style.  Courtesy from his french background.

We went for a three course casual lunch.

His chacuterie platter.  Flown in directly from his supplier, the best chacuterie we´ve ever eaten.  Highlight was the rabbit and cognac terrine.  We will return just for this again, this year.


Fresh Fried Bait, as fresh as it gets.  Nothing less.  My appetizer hit the spot.

His burger and my calamari for main course.  Bar Boulud´s burger is well known amongst Londonites so I´m not surprise when hubby loved it very much.  Mine was however a bit underwhelming.  It´s good, but I expected surprises, I guess?

The course which they do very well and impressed us every time are their dessert. Considering it being lunch set and how affordable the meal cost, it amazes us how much effort and quality they put into them.  He loved his Rhum Baba and my chocolate dessert was amazing, to say the least.

Obligatory couple photo to mark our date in London.

We love London!

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