Monday, 27 July 2015

South American Dinner @ La Puerte Del Sol, Evian Les Bain

We had a very good Beignets de Crevettes as a starter.  It came piping hot which was crunchy on the outside and soft, and puffy on the inside.  Filing of king prawn were top-notch - fresh, succulent and crunchy.  It is a good start.

The main course selection offer varieties from all over South America and hubby decided on a chicken dish cooked Peruvian way.  It seems that Peruvians uses quite a bit of spices to lent flavour to its dishes and we´re excited by it.  Estofado de Pollo, a spicy chicken stew dish serve with rice.  Reminds me of curry chicken but milder.

He had Bistec alo Pobre - Estilo Llita.  A sliced up steak dish serve with rice, and some chunks of banana, an essential diet in South America among it.  Hub was happy.

Looking back, I felt that we could have ordered something more South American, like seafood, something with beans or even more banana.  Taste was excellent but somehow, I had a feeling there´s more to south american food than chicken or beef, isn´t it`?

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