Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Cafe Gourmand in Colmar, France

Many years ago, I learned the secret of why French do not snack and don´t get fat.  Why should they, if they could have them all and it is all portioned out well.  We just got back from France a week ago.  We ate like crazy and yet, did not put on a single kilo! It would be thinkable if we were on our feet all day.   But it was a leisurely trip, with not more than 2km of walking each day.  

Back to the story of our meals.  We had literarily 3 proper meals a day with each meal being an either 3 or 4 course set.  And it felt so good after each meal.  Full yes, but not stuffed.  One of their courses which I would inevitable not miss out is the Cafe Gourmand.  It comprises of a shot of espresso and along it comes 3 selection of mini dessert.  You get little cakes such as opera or whatever that is in season.  Creme brulee, eclair, macaroon, canele and so on so forth depending on the restaurant´s offer that day.  And it really does makes me realise, isn´t this how most of us want our sweet ending to be? A bit of everything just to satisfy the sweet tooth in us, you get the variety to satisfy the greed in us, and then ... not so huge portion so that you don´t feel guilthy?

I remembered this day well.  It was lunch at the most scenic spot in Colmar.  The cafe we chose is beautifully quaint and yet, it was not too crowded.  We hate crowded places.  The sun was shining brightly that day, kinda hot actually but the terrace area had lovely tree shades.  What greeted us right next to the cafe were imposing Germanic architecture right across.  And smacked between it and the cafe where we were seated is the River Lauch which occassionally brings with it some tourist boats with hoarde of tourist in it.  Some waved to us, and we waves back.  Ahhhh ...  

The macaroons were lovely too.  Rasberry, Pineapple and Chocolate ...

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