Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Dancing Fish Malay Indo Restaurant @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

My top choice for good Malay food in atmospheric surrounding is Bijan, downtown in Kuala Lumpur.  It is quite a distance for me to reach unfortunately, so, when a friend suggested BSC, it was a no brainer. And I was not dissapointed!

A dear friend E was craving for soup so we ordered a small bowl of Prawn in Coconut Soup. Be warned ... its nothing like tomyum as it was sweet with no savoury after taste?  Really strange indeed.

We had better luck with Daging Masak Kicap.  According to the girls, it was super yum.  Tender and flavourful as how it should be.

The dish that inspired the name of the restaurant did live up to its name.  Skillfully sliced and then deep fried, the Dancing Fish was a feast to the eye and succulent to the taste bud.  A total must have when you dine here.

Another mention worthy dish is Taufu Telur, crispy on the outside but soft and delectatable on the inside.  I don´t mind being vegetarian if I were to be serve them daily.  So good.

Lastly Ayam Rendang, something Malay to satisfy my inner craving.  Done pretty well, creamy and flavourful as how it should be. 

Overall, I love the dining experience here.  Their food are all prepared authentically, prices seems reasonably and service were pretty prompt too. 

Totally recommended!

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