Thursday, 14 May 2015

Juiciest Burger @ Hans im Glück

I´m not a burger fan.  But this German burger joint has proven to me that burger can be just as delicious and satisfying as what I normally love eating.

A lot of locals are lunching al-fresco.  The sun is precious here so enjoy is while it last ...

The menu is pretty straighforward.  Their beefburger is their speciality here and what you do next is select the combination extras as you wish.  One could also top up a salad or fries and a drink for an additional cost of 5 Euro, and towards the end, they will even throw in a complimentary kick-ass espresso.  I am not sure if it is standard practise in all Hans Im Glück outlet as it´s not stated in their menu so, you´ve got to ask.

Now, a bit about the burger.  Beef is de-facto, but vegetarian or chicken options are available.  You can choose wholemeal or grain bun, and these were the biggest surprise for me because they were soft, chewy and not hard despite its appearance!  I loveeee the burger bun and I reckon, that´s what sets it apart.

Bacon, chicken breast, tomatoes, lettuce, sauce and THAT cheese. Some local, unpasturised cheese which looked slightly transparent by appearance but taste soooo good! 

I loveeeee it!

We will be back for more!

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