Friday, 10 April 2015

Nostalgic Dishes @ Greenview PJ

Greenview is a famous institution in Petaling Jaya. Ask any chinese family and the chances are, they know. Nudge them a bit further with what is so good and without fail, the infamous ´Sang Har Meen´or Freshwater Prawns Noodle will crop up.  I make it a point to eat Sang Har Mee each time I am back in Malaysia.  Though only 8 months apart from my previous trip back, the craving is still real.

My dear sister who was also my eating companion is no stranger to this place.  She was here on weekly basis during third pregnancy and her obliging hubby tailed along happily as he too is a major fan. 

To this, who am I to decide what to order here so off to her then.

We two, feasted on their top three.

Sang Har Mee, Yam Basket and Honey Squid.  Totally lipsmacking, every s-i-n-g-l-e one of them ...

Sang Har Mee, prawns were fresh, plump, flavourful.  Good job for getting the supply consistency after all these years.  Sauce were heavenly! Flavourful and worth every lick off the plate!  Noodles were crunchy and fragrant.  Yes, the standard is still UP there.  Well done!

Yam Basket, to do this right, yam filing was soft and yet crunchy on the outside.  The filling was szechuanese inspired Dried Chilly Chicken to balance off the heaviness of the yam.  Fragrantly stir fried with wok hei still intact, another winner ... and I can see why.

Honey Squid, fresh squid done right.  Still soft and not rubbery, and fried till crunchy on the outer, then coated with a delicious honey sauce.  Super yum.

Prices have all gone up in Malaysia, and especially so now with the introducation of GST (bleh) ...

I do hope all these institutions will survive the economic storm under the mishandling of greedy government.

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