Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Shanghai Night @ Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club

A dear friend hosted her very first Charity Dinner in Kuala Lumpur before Chinese New Year recently and what a success it had been!  The food was great, the entertainment was even better and the turn out ...the best of the best.  A lot of the ladies dressed to the occassion and transported us back to Shanghai during yesteryears.  Needless to say, selfies and wefies took a whole new level that evening.  But what I treasure most is the ladies all came with a big heart to donate and give beyond the glittery exterior.

I was, unfortunately having a bad jet-lagged that evening after having flown in just the day before.  But nevertheless managed to capture our dinner amidst the party atmosphere surrounding us.
First Yee Sang of the year ... to kick start.

Four Hot Dish Combination.  My absolute favourite whenever I attend a chinese banquet dinner.  There´s scallops, abalone, prawn stuffings and meat combo.  All delicious, all well prepared ...

It´s great that the host decided to opt out from Shark´s Fin Soup. Honestly, I find it difficult to fanthom why the neutral tasting, supposedly delicacy is being consumed as most of the flavour is actually lent from the stock that cooks it!The sweet and sour soup seen here was just as delicious if not better.  So peeps, take a concious stand on it ... 

Chicken Cooked Two Ways.  Half Roasted and Half was braised.  Both were equally good.

It was a fantastic piece of Red Snapper.  So huge, fresh and succulent and it baffles to see that it was half untouched because the ladies were already full halfway through the course!  At times like these, I wish I had four stomachs!

Heavenly Pan Fried Prawns .... and that´s not the end but by this 6th or 7th course, I was already having a hard time sitting still but instead started minggling around with ex-college friends, ex-party friends, ex-drinking friends ... old friends, new friends etc you get the drift :-)  The vegetable, carbo and lastly dessert follow.  I manage to steal some bite inbetween and it was all great!

As I was leaving, I told my dear friend ...

What a fantastic evening dear H, please do it again next year when I am back before CNY!

Hahaha ... was her response.

> <

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