Friday, 17 April 2015

Retreat Space @ Home

As of late, I´ve been picking up dozens of little hobby to keep myself occupy.  Gardening had always occupied a big chunk of my life previously but due to unforseen hay fever epidemia which hit me hard not just on my body, but on my soul too ... the least I can do for now is stay away from the garden during mid day when the sun is at its peak and try to seek ways to strengthen my immune system.  But I am not about to give up my love for flowers totally! So what I did instead is, created a tiny little retreat area on our balcony with some carefully selected non-pollunating blooms and to have our water fountain running constantly to give the area constant moist. I reckon it would be doable for a short period and not just get myself stuck indoor when it is so lovely outside.

So back to what I have been doing ... LOTS!  I have been practising my stitching on some leather pieces and hopefully soon, I will get a chance to learn a bit more from a leather master in the land of tea and scones.  I have been painting too.  Nothing spectacular but something I´ve always done during childhood and had always played around with it.  Cake baking is still big part of my life as I am still baking them weekly, and trying to push myself towards pattiserie cake level, which is sooo difficult but I am presevering to get there on my own speed at home.  I have been dabbling with flower arrangement too with funny themes and a little extra to spike them up.  But the one I am most excited about currently is signing up for yoga lessons with a very experience yoga master here.  It had been fantastic and I hope it stays that way for long and on regular basis.  The breathing exercise had so far helped me with my asthma, and hopefully in time to come, will also realign my energy flow, learn to listen to my body ailment, make peace with it and many many more such as awakening my spiritual path, and getting me closer to my believe.

Hubby himself has been keeping himself busy too!  At times with our new Porsche.  He is always looking for places to go too when weekend comes and would nudge me to make plans, irregardless of the weather!  We have tested our baby but not to its maximum capacity yet, but to me ... 220km per hour is fast enough to make me roll my yoga mat to calm down my adreline rush later.  He had also been selected to participate in his first ever World Championship race for Brompton in London!  Isn´t that great!  I am so proud of him :-)

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