Friday, 13 March 2015

Mezze Bistro @ Damansara Heights

Mezze at Damansara Heights has been around for ages.  But it was only recently that I visited it during one of my class reunion dinner. And here´s what we had ...
Vongole Chilli (RM21.00) - Done right with fresh clams, sauce was impeccably tasty with right amount of spiciness to lift it up. Recommended.

Sancerre les vendanges d'helene 2005 (RM397.00). Excellent wine which we shared two bottles among four of us without checking the price. Ouch!

Jamon Iberico (RM46.00) - Decent.

Duck and Chicken Spring Roll (RM21.00) - Love the crunch, the combination and seasoning. The sambal dip was excellent too.  Must be the Malaysian in me, loving the kick somehow.

Chilli Shrimp Spagetti (RM37.00) - Another worthy dish, done right but shrimp should have been a bit fresher which was the only set-back.

Lamb Cutlet (RM82.00) - It is one of their best seller apparently and my companion raved highly over it.  Since I am not a lamb fan, it would be a waste for me to enjoy, isn´t it?

Chocolate Royale Cake (RM18) - Using only Vahlrona and I can totally agree with that as I only use them for baking too, these came as a no brainer in taste department. Love it.

All and all, great produce sourced abroad and locally in Malaysia makes this place stands out.  And of course, not forgetting the talented chef who did a good job maintaining the quality.

Thanks Ling for the companion too!

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