Friday, 9 January 2015

Shi Mai Vietnamese Restaurant, Berlin

If you happen to be around Museum Insel in Berlin and am looking for a place to rest your feet and have a hot cuppa, I totally recommend you to try out Shi Mai. It is tucked away from the tourist heavy streets hence it is quiet.  But take a few steps off after your meal, and you will be greeted by Aquadom which happen to be the world's largest cylindrical aquarium and is located in Radisson Blu Berlin, right adjorning to this restaurant.

I love my coffee strong, and FAST but ordering a cuppa here reminded me to slow down.  Which is a good thing.  After all the walking in the morning, hubby can´t help slowing down too ... wake up loukung, stop day-dreaming! :-)

The food here is prepared well, and is affordable.  This prawn spring roll here cost only 2.90 Euro per plate and it tasted really authentic. Love it.

Grilled Chicken salad done right, with all the right spices. 

My lunch of Bun Cha :-) Superbly executed!  Grilled pork were so tender, super juicy (how did they do that?!) and flavourful .. it was already good on its own! But the moment one mixes the cold noodle, the sourish spicy sauce and the salad cordiment - its outta this world comfort food.

Happy days :-)

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