Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Christmas Dinner At Home

We changed our cooking plans this year.

Instead of who preparing what on which day, which can be mind-boggling and frustrating because we after all, share the same kitchen and the same utensils - we decided to go by day and not by task.  Hubby voluntered to cook on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I am in charge of dinner on 2nd day.  The cake and coffee session is Mama´s territory, but that did not stop my itchy hand from baking another cake! Well, that´s another story altogether ... :-)

So, on second day of Christmas, we had ...

Assorted Christmas Cookies.  Three of the five are homemade.  From the top, Lebkuchen (storebought of course, its crazy to make them oneself!), Almond Biscotti (homemade by hubby), Lemon and Poppyseed Stars (homemade by yours truly), Mini Stollen (store bought, yeah I know, I should have made these) and lastly, Florentiner (also by yours truly) ...

Appetiser were Involtini.

A kind of seared meat with filings inside.  Since we´ve been stuffed to brim with German cooking past days, I decided to do Italian.  Simply because it is more colourful and it taste lighter.  Ahem, yes, compared to traditional german cooking ...

My involtini comes with Mozarella and Spinach stuffing.  They were serve on bed of Lamb Lettuce and drizzled with Balsamic Cream.

I found some fresh italian chestnuts in the market so decided to poached them simply in salt water for 20 minutes.  They tasted fabulous this way!  Moist and slightly salty .. yum.

Having had pork past days, fish is the chosen one then ...

Our main course were Italian Crusted Salmon Fillet serve with Seasonal Rooted Vegetables.  I made a simple white sauce to go with it but later, changed my mine and spiked them with tomato puree and assorted herbs so it ended up being Italian White Sauce? Hehe.

It went really well with the fish so I´m thoroughly very please.

Sometimes, the simpliest is the yummiest.

We ended our meal with Affogatto which I quickly assembled in the kitchen by combining two scoops of pure vanilla ice cream and then later, pouring a think dose of italian espresso over.

If I´m not mistaken, eveyone sleep well that night which is quite in contrary to why we´ve been avoiding coffee after 5pm all this while.  Espresso, as oppose to normal cuppa has a totally different effect.


Here´s for the record of our 2014 Christmas dinner at home with a printed menu I prepared earlier for my guest ... I hope you all had a good one too!

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