Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Cafe Gourmand in Colmar, France

Many years ago, I learned the secret of why French do not snack and don´t get fat.  Why should they, if they could have them all and it is all portioned out well.  We just got back from France a week ago.  We ate like crazy and yet, did not put on a single kilo! It would be thinkable if we were on our feet all day.   But it was a leisurely trip, with not more than 2km of walking each day.  

Back to the story of our meals.  We had literarily 3 proper meals a day with each meal being an either 3 or 4 course set.  And it felt so good after each meal.  Full yes, but not stuffed.  One of their courses which I would inevitable not miss out is the Cafe Gourmand.  It comprises of a shot of espresso and along it comes 3 selection of mini dessert.  You get little cakes such as opera or whatever that is in season.  Creme brulee, eclair, macaroon, canele and so on so forth depending on the restaurant´s offer that day.  And it really does makes me realise, isn´t this how most of us want our sweet ending to be? A bit of everything just to satisfy the sweet tooth in us, you get the variety to satisfy the greed in us, and then ... not so huge portion so that you don´t feel guilthy?

I remembered this day well.  It was lunch at the most scenic spot in Colmar.  The cafe we chose is beautifully quaint and yet, it was not too crowded.  We hate crowded places.  The sun was shining brightly that day, kinda hot actually but the terrace area had lovely tree shades.  What greeted us right next to the cafe were imposing Germanic architecture right across.  And smacked between it and the cafe where we were seated is the River Lauch which occassionally brings with it some tourist boats with hoarde of tourist in it.  Some waved to us, and we waves back.  Ahhhh ...  

The macaroons were lovely too.  Rasberry, Pineapple and Chocolate ...

Monday, 27 July 2015

South American Dinner @ La Puerte Del Sol, Evian Les Bain

We had a very good Beignets de Crevettes as a starter.  It came piping hot which was crunchy on the outside and soft, and puffy on the inside.  Filing of king prawn were top-notch - fresh, succulent and crunchy.  It is a good start.

The main course selection offer varieties from all over South America and hubby decided on a chicken dish cooked Peruvian way.  It seems that Peruvians uses quite a bit of spices to lent flavour to its dishes and we´re excited by it.  Estofado de Pollo, a spicy chicken stew dish serve with rice.  Reminds me of curry chicken but milder.

He had Bistec alo Pobre - Estilo Llita.  A sliced up steak dish serve with rice, and some chunks of banana, an essential diet in South America among it.  Hub was happy.

Looking back, I felt that we could have ordered something more South American, like seafood, something with beans or even more banana.  Taste was excellent but somehow, I had a feeling there´s more to south american food than chicken or beef, isn´t it`?

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Fresh Almond Butter Trout @ Dustermuhle


Hubby decided to eat out whole of last weekend.  I reckon the hot temperature played a role.  It was scorching hot and we both simply did not feel like cooking.  So off we went in search for a nearby restaurant for our late dinner. 

Dustermuhle is not new to us, but what was new to me was them serving freshly caught trout from the adjoining stream right next to the restaurant!  It was simply fried with almond butter and was delicious!

Hubby, the meat eater and not so much a fish fan had scnitzel, what else :-p

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Dancing Fish Malay Indo Restaurant @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

My top choice for good Malay food in atmospheric surrounding is Bijan, downtown in Kuala Lumpur.  It is quite a distance for me to reach unfortunately, so, when a friend suggested BSC, it was a no brainer. And I was not dissapointed!

A dear friend E was craving for soup so we ordered a small bowl of Prawn in Coconut Soup. Be warned ... its nothing like tomyum as it was sweet with no savoury after taste?  Really strange indeed.

We had better luck with Daging Masak Kicap.  According to the girls, it was super yum.  Tender and flavourful as how it should be.

The dish that inspired the name of the restaurant did live up to its name.  Skillfully sliced and then deep fried, the Dancing Fish was a feast to the eye and succulent to the taste bud.  A total must have when you dine here.

Another mention worthy dish is Taufu Telur, crispy on the outside but soft and delectatable on the inside.  I don´t mind being vegetarian if I were to be serve them daily.  So good.

Lastly Ayam Rendang, something Malay to satisfy my inner craving.  Done pretty well, creamy and flavourful as how it should be. 

Overall, I love the dining experience here.  Their food are all prepared authentically, prices seems reasonably and service were pretty prompt too. 

Totally recommended!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Kanbe Ramen & Tours de Jours @ Empire Damansara

It was not too long ago when I got greeted by these magnificent coloured string display near a new builing during my visit back to my home city.  Some new development would inevitably sprung up, without fail, every single year when I am back visiting.  This new development is just 5 minutes drive from my home.  Hubby would be very please to hang out here, as he loves tall buildings including our condominium back in Petaling Jaya.

Seeing these pictures make me miss my friends more!  So carefree, easy going and fun people!  I, P and S decided to treat me to ramen lunch one day.  How do I say no to that?!

Before munching, I got treated to some awesome architecture in this part of PJ.  It´s part of an office block with few difference commercial eatery concept.  The one we visited were industrial and I totally dig  it as I am very into industrial style!

We had assorted ramen, gyoza´s and japanese curry rice.  The food here is decent and lighter in flavour if you prefer them this way.  After some days of feasting during Chinese New Year, it´s a lovely change for me!

As if lunch is not enough, we hopped off to a Korean bakery nearby for another round of lite bite.

Tours de Jours is the IN place to pick up a loaf when around the vicinity.  And I can see why.  It all boils down to detail, from shop exterior and interior, to selection on what is on offer (and it ranges to everything under the sun e.g lunch, bread, cakes, coffee), quality of the food and the service rendered, they do it well.

I love every single piece of cake on offer here.  Too bad I was so stuffed and could hardly finish!

Friday, 5 June 2015

Shucked Oyster Bar, Kuala Lumpur

I had a bad impression of oyster the first time I ate it!  Good that I gave it another go because a really good one is something I would travel far some kilometres for.  Back in February, I was fortunate to try out the latest oyster bar chain sprouting in my home city.  Shucked as its simply called, carries all the varieties imaginable from down under to european ones in France, Netherlands, UK and Scotland. I was told Scottish oysters are one of the best but was unfortunate that it ran out in this outlet!

And so I tried the sampler of 3 from UK and Netherland ones.  Don´t have its name though.  I was impressed with the Netherland ones and the shore being just two hours drive from where I am right now, it is not time for me to sign up their Oyster farming experience and eat as much as I can when the season is here?

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Juiciest Burger @ Hans im Glück

I´m not a burger fan.  But this German burger joint has proven to me that burger can be just as delicious and satisfying as what I normally love eating.

A lot of locals are lunching al-fresco.  The sun is precious here so enjoy is while it last ...

The menu is pretty straighforward.  Their beefburger is their speciality here and what you do next is select the combination extras as you wish.  One could also top up a salad or fries and a drink for an additional cost of 5 Euro, and towards the end, they will even throw in a complimentary kick-ass espresso.  I am not sure if it is standard practise in all Hans Im Glück outlet as it´s not stated in their menu so, you´ve got to ask.

Now, a bit about the burger.  Beef is de-facto, but vegetarian or chicken options are available.  You can choose wholemeal or grain bun, and these were the biggest surprise for me because they were soft, chewy and not hard despite its appearance!  I loveeee the burger bun and I reckon, that´s what sets it apart.

Bacon, chicken breast, tomatoes, lettuce, sauce and THAT cheese. Some local, unpasturised cheese which looked slightly transparent by appearance but taste soooo good! 

I loveeeee it!

We will be back for more!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Magnolia on Canvas

The beauty about painting is, it stays with you when the real one wilts away.

I am pretty please with myself for I would consider my first finished piece of painting here.

Baby steps ... like everything else in life.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Vegetarian Lunch @ Yishenshu, One Utama

Each time I am back in PJ, I would without fail pay a visit to Yishenshu with my parents.  I have been on vegetarian path every Monday since one year and since my parents are vegetarian too, I made it a point to visit Yishenshu every Monday with them for the whole month of February.

The food here is excellent.  Although some cringe with the thought of eating mock meat, I would like to think of it as another form of consuming soy product.  This was what we had on our first visit.

Their famous homemade Emperor Tofu.  Excellent stuff!

Lotus root dish, done right.  Deep fried then coated with a superb delicious sauce. 

Both Mum and Dad lovessss their pineapple fried rice.  I can see why.  The wok-hei was evident, and it was flavourful.

Something spicy and meaty, so to speak.  Done thai style if not mistaken. I can´t recall the exact taste but I remember not finding any fault with any of its dishes at all.  Love it here.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Dutch Oysters @ Carlplatz Düsseldorf

I loveeeee Dusseldorf´s Carlplatzmarkt!  Their cut and arranged flowers from the flower vendors are simply amazing and mind boggling!  It is one of the best flower market I´ve seen in this part of Europe, beating Amsterdam´s fame Flower market FLAT.  But there is another reason to go check out the market and it is their food!  I spotted some fresh oysters and just got to have them!  6 freshly chucked Netherland Oysters with a glass of white wine for 10 Euro.  Wine could have been better, it was too dry for me.  But the oyster were faultless.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Shanghai Night @ Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club

A dear friend hosted her very first Charity Dinner in Kuala Lumpur before Chinese New Year recently and what a success it had been!  The food was great, the entertainment was even better and the turn out ...the best of the best.  A lot of the ladies dressed to the occassion and transported us back to Shanghai during yesteryears.  Needless to say, selfies and wefies took a whole new level that evening.  But what I treasure most is the ladies all came with a big heart to donate and give beyond the glittery exterior.

I was, unfortunately having a bad jet-lagged that evening after having flown in just the day before.  But nevertheless managed to capture our dinner amidst the party atmosphere surrounding us.
First Yee Sang of the year ... to kick start.

Four Hot Dish Combination.  My absolute favourite whenever I attend a chinese banquet dinner.  There´s scallops, abalone, prawn stuffings and meat combo.  All delicious, all well prepared ...

It´s great that the host decided to opt out from Shark´s Fin Soup. Honestly, I find it difficult to fanthom why the neutral tasting, supposedly delicacy is being consumed as most of the flavour is actually lent from the stock that cooks it!The sweet and sour soup seen here was just as delicious if not better.  So peeps, take a concious stand on it ... 

Chicken Cooked Two Ways.  Half Roasted and Half was braised.  Both were equally good.

It was a fantastic piece of Red Snapper.  So huge, fresh and succulent and it baffles to see that it was half untouched because the ladies were already full halfway through the course!  At times like these, I wish I had four stomachs!

Heavenly Pan Fried Prawns .... and that´s not the end but by this 6th or 7th course, I was already having a hard time sitting still but instead started minggling around with ex-college friends, ex-party friends, ex-drinking friends ... old friends, new friends etc you get the drift :-)  The vegetable, carbo and lastly dessert follow.  I manage to steal some bite inbetween and it was all great!

As I was leaving, I told my dear friend ...

What a fantastic evening dear H, please do it again next year when I am back before CNY!

Hahaha ... was her response.

> <

Saturday, 11 April 2015

DOX Restaurant, Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf

Spring is finally here! Fantastic ...

With our new baby in tow, fresh from Zuffenhausen oven few weeks ago, we have been looking for all possible ways to enjoy it with full speed on and the top down.  Easter weekend was the perfect opportunity for that and we surely am glad to have utilised it to the fullest.

Hubby loves it when I give him a treat.  And I do too, whenever I come across a place I´m eager to try out.  Hubby who loves to dine near the water was delighted when I brought him to DOX.  Not so difficult to see why as all the elements are there ... lovely view, lovely weather, lovely food, lovely drink and lovely wive infront of him :-) Oh, and our lovely drive with lovely baby too, of course ...

Least expected was when he decided to go for Salad instead of Beef Tartare and the seasonal White Asparagus Soup.

Expected and not surprising from me, is the seasonal Asparagus Soup served with homemade Rye Bread with local ham and radish.  Pretty decent start for appetiser.

Ooohhh .. I´ve got foam on my Gnocchi!  It is delicious though and tasted nothing like it ... 

Haha, my hubby trying to be funny ...

The story is, I literarily had some real soap/foam accidently that morning while sipping my latte with a metal straw cum spoon and didn´t realise some leftover soap got lodged inside the hole ...

It´s foam day today! I exclaimed ...

My seasonal fish main course, serve alongside potato and parsnip mash with side spring vegetables ...

And not forgetting ... THE foam, of course ...

Their intepretation of Bayerische Creme was done elegantly.  Gone are the pudding-like slob in a glass but was instead, diligently sliced to perfection with a slightly firmer texture.  Love the crunchy bits on top too.  Macadamia? Possible.  The green Mint Sorbet was utterly DIVINE.  Something I would love to learn to make soon ...

Pretty soon, we were too stuffed to just sit down and taking it all in ...

Time to paint the town RED!

Friday, 10 April 2015

Nostalgic Dishes @ Greenview PJ

Greenview is a famous institution in Petaling Jaya. Ask any chinese family and the chances are, they know. Nudge them a bit further with what is so good and without fail, the infamous ´Sang Har Meen´or Freshwater Prawns Noodle will crop up.  I make it a point to eat Sang Har Mee each time I am back in Malaysia.  Though only 8 months apart from my previous trip back, the craving is still real.

My dear sister who was also my eating companion is no stranger to this place.  She was here on weekly basis during third pregnancy and her obliging hubby tailed along happily as he too is a major fan. 

To this, who am I to decide what to order here so off to her then.

We two, feasted on their top three.

Sang Har Mee, Yam Basket and Honey Squid.  Totally lipsmacking, every s-i-n-g-l-e one of them ...

Sang Har Mee, prawns were fresh, plump, flavourful.  Good job for getting the supply consistency after all these years.  Sauce were heavenly! Flavourful and worth every lick off the plate!  Noodles were crunchy and fragrant.  Yes, the standard is still UP there.  Well done!

Yam Basket, to do this right, yam filing was soft and yet crunchy on the outside.  The filling was szechuanese inspired Dried Chilly Chicken to balance off the heaviness of the yam.  Fragrantly stir fried with wok hei still intact, another winner ... and I can see why.

Honey Squid, fresh squid done right.  Still soft and not rubbery, and fried till crunchy on the outer, then coated with a delicious honey sauce.  Super yum.

Prices have all gone up in Malaysia, and especially so now with the introducation of GST (bleh) ...

I do hope all these institutions will survive the economic storm under the mishandling of greedy government.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Samsui Chicken @ Soup Restaurant, One Utama

When a dish is exceptionally prepared, thats all one needs on the table. 

Case in point here, Soup Restaurant´s Samsui Chicken.  Notable for its deboned and carefully selected chicken part which I presume poached, or perhaps steamed with a little extra, hence the deliciousness.  Another thing that sets it apart from all the steamed chicken dishes out there ... a out-of-this-world ginger sauce. 

Pretty impressive stuff!

Friday, 13 March 2015

Mezze Bistro @ Damansara Heights

Mezze at Damansara Heights has been around for ages.  But it was only recently that I visited it during one of my class reunion dinner. And here´s what we had ...
Vongole Chilli (RM21.00) - Done right with fresh clams, sauce was impeccably tasty with right amount of spiciness to lift it up. Recommended.

Sancerre les vendanges d'helene 2005 (RM397.00). Excellent wine which we shared two bottles among four of us without checking the price. Ouch!

Jamon Iberico (RM46.00) - Decent.

Duck and Chicken Spring Roll (RM21.00) - Love the crunch, the combination and seasoning. The sambal dip was excellent too.  Must be the Malaysian in me, loving the kick somehow.

Chilli Shrimp Spagetti (RM37.00) - Another worthy dish, done right but shrimp should have been a bit fresher which was the only set-back.

Lamb Cutlet (RM82.00) - It is one of their best seller apparently and my companion raved highly over it.  Since I am not a lamb fan, it would be a waste for me to enjoy, isn´t it?

Chocolate Royale Cake (RM18) - Using only Vahlrona and I can totally agree with that as I only use them for baking too, these came as a no brainer in taste department. Love it.

All and all, great produce sourced abroad and locally in Malaysia makes this place stands out.  And of course, not forgetting the talented chef who did a good job maintaining the quality.

Thanks Ling for the companion too!