Sunday, 28 December 2014

Brasserie am Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin

We revisited Berlin last week. It was awesomeness to the max! Being our third trip to the capital, we have more or less worked out which quarter we liked best so that we could stick around it more besides being able to explore other hip and creative corner which we missed out last time.

Gendarmenmarkt which is located in Stadt Mitte is officially our favourite quarter. Not only that location is fantastically smacked in the middle which makes travelling to east and west side of the capital super easy, our favourite Christmas Market in the whole of Germany - Gendarmenmarkt is here too!

Well, that was our initial reasons until we explored further and look what we found.  A little gem in the form of this brasserie for a quick lunch.

Here´s what we had ...

Salade Brasserie mit Nordsee Krabben, Basilikum-Joghurt-Senfdressing

Kartoffelcremesuppe mit Rettichkresse, an Kartoffelstrudel

Brust und Keule von der Brandenburger Landente auf Majoranjus an Rotkohl mit Apfelchutney

Wiener Schnitzel an lauwarmem Kartoffel - Gurkensalat

Schokolade Pannacotta mit Früchten der Saison

It was reasonably priced to eat here.  Apart from the appetiser and dessert which cost 2.90Euro each, the main course ranges between 8-10 Euro bringing a total of not more than 16 euro per person for a 3 course lunch excluding drinks!  Service were top-notch, drink list is good.  And after a good meal, you are surrounded literarily by one of the most beautiful squares in Berlin ... :-)

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