Sunday, 17 August 2014

Typical Dutch Dinner @ Harlingen, Netherlands

This was taken few months back while holidaying at the North Coast of Europe.  Unlike in Asia where dinner is usually lavish, it is not surprising to see locals here having just a simple warm soup with bread slices accompanied by assorted antipasti.  In Germany, they call them Abendbrot although many families are moving away from it and instead is embracing simple but hot noodle or one pot dish.

8th August 2014 marked my sixth year here.  I can say that I have adapted to some of the local customs.  Cooking really is a chore after a while so sometimes, it is quite tempting to just grab some bread to go.  Anyway back to this entry, we decided to order some assortment to share.  We are usually quite sceptical or cautious with Netherland´s meat produce due to their scandal past, but putting that aside, the charcuterie were tasty and moist.  I had a bowl of seafood soup.  I was expecting something more brothy and thick, but it came very light.  It is tasty nevertheless but I did wish for it to be in bigger portion.

In Netherland, it is not uncommon to see one ordering a coffee after dinner.

In France, they end their meal with cafe gourmand.  In Netherland, we simply had a dessert platter to share.  They tasted very homemade, which was good.  Very nice profiteroles (top right), orange sorbet was decent but a tad too sweet, and a small portion of their famous Tompouce.  It is essentially pastry and thin cake layer with strawberry cream filling.  Strawberry was in season, unfortunately it was sour and not so flavourful! I still prefer the ones in Germany!

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