Thursday, 21 August 2014

White Curry Mee @ O´Penang, Ikano Power Centre

I´ve had my fair share of miss vs hit when choosing a place to eat in a shopping mall especially a neighbourhood mall such as Ikano Power Centre. But like the locals, try something new if you spot one and O´Penang that is!

The menu as I recall is not too bad.  From typical Penang offering such as Char Kuey Teow to Prawn Mee, it was pretty extensive if I remember correctly.  But one offering stood out and that is the Penang White Curry Mee which took Malaysian´s instant noodle world by storm.

I was quite appalled  by its pale appearance when it arrived.  It was white! And not in a good way.  A quick taste of the soup before mixing the killer chilli in proved to reconfirmed my initial reaction.  It was light, too light infact as I can´t detect much coconut milk flavour.  The chilli paste they provided elevated it a bit.  The spiciness is there, but I can´t help feeling sorry for all the tofupok, seeham, boiled egg, noodles and the likes because it could have been more flavourful.  Will I try them again? Perhaps not.  But, I will give their other dishes a try when I fly back in few months time.

Cendol is good though ...

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Chilli Pan Mee @ Face to Face Noodle House Taman Mayang

The Great Grandfather of Face to Face Noodle House chain owner learned how to make noodles traditionally in Hong Kong before starting on his own in Sarawak later.  If I am the Great Grandfather, I would be very proud today of what his grandson/daughter have achieved.  Their noodles were done right.  It is a pity that the chain is so low profile.

Kin Kin made a name for herself with their Chilli Pan Mee.  While I have not tasted the real thing, I thought these were already good.  Apart from the noodle, the chilli plays such an important role and I really did wish that I could buy a bottle of it back to enjoy.  But no, they don´t sell them.

So lucky you Klang Valley folks ...

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Typical Dutch Dinner @ Harlingen, Netherlands

This was taken few months back while holidaying at the North Coast of Europe.  Unlike in Asia where dinner is usually lavish, it is not surprising to see locals here having just a simple warm soup with bread slices accompanied by assorted antipasti.  In Germany, they call them Abendbrot although many families are moving away from it and instead is embracing simple but hot noodle or one pot dish.

8th August 2014 marked my sixth year here.  I can say that I have adapted to some of the local customs.  Cooking really is a chore after a while so sometimes, it is quite tempting to just grab some bread to go.  Anyway back to this entry, we decided to order some assortment to share.  We are usually quite sceptical or cautious with Netherland´s meat produce due to their scandal past, but putting that aside, the charcuterie were tasty and moist.  I had a bowl of seafood soup.  I was expecting something more brothy and thick, but it came very light.  It is tasty nevertheless but I did wish for it to be in bigger portion.

In Netherland, it is not uncommon to see one ordering a coffee after dinner.

In France, they end their meal with cafe gourmand.  In Netherland, we simply had a dessert platter to share.  They tasted very homemade, which was good.  Very nice profiteroles (top right), orange sorbet was decent but a tad too sweet, and a small portion of their famous Tompouce.  It is essentially pastry and thin cake layer with strawberry cream filling.  Strawberry was in season, unfortunately it was sour and not so flavourful! I still prefer the ones in Germany!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Chee Cheong Fun @ Yap Hup Kee, Pudu

All it took was a genius to elevate a simple plate of Chee Cheong Fun to the next level.  With a toss of Dried Shrimps, which I believe perfected over the years - it is no wonder that one got to wait for an available table. 

Their other speciality is the black, ugly, squirmy thing you see here.  Unappetising to look at, but ...

SINFULLY good once you pop them into your mouth. I could not get enough of these caramalised, sweetish deep fried pig´s intestine.

My friends dragged me here one hot afternoon with me expecting smooth and thin chee cheong fun companied by freshly made fish paste filling for the yong tau foo stuffing.

Yap Hup Kee did exactly that, and more ...

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Restaurant Kreta @ Bielefeld

I decided to drive down to Bielefeld one weekend to spent time with my bestie Nina.  It was a scorching hot day with no wind at all.  Being newbie in town and the fact that her new home is still under work in progress, we thought it was a good idea to eat out.  It is always lovely dining al-fresco in Europe where you not only feast on your stomach but with people passing by, one cannot help feasting with your eyes too.  We both coincidently love seafood so seafood it is.  Fischplatte @ 14.50Euro each which came with 2 pieces of calamari, a fish fillet, 2 pieces of prawn and all serve with a deliciously cooked tomato base rice but greeked up.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Berries Shortcake for Hubby´s 44th!

I wanted to keep the occassion as simple and fuss free as possible because thats how he likes it.  There wasn´t any baking which was good because it was scotching hot around 35C here.  The only thing I did was go pick up some fresh berries and ready made shortcake base, then proceed to whip up the cream.  My gift to him was also very straightforward.  Something self made which he will find useful when he start his dream project which we call The P Project.

Happy 44th Liebe Lou Kung!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Mama´s Kitchen @ Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

Three very hungry souls, and half an hour to spare before our coffee session in one of the coffee joints in this old but well respected neighbourhood.  Both my companion I and P knows the area well so off we hopped to Mama´s Kitchen for our late night snack!

Their Siew Yuk Wantan Mee was to die for! We ordered seconds in no-time.  Lots of garlic, dark soya sauce and sugar fried with Siew Yuk under high heat, it is a lethal combination

On the contrary, their signboard dish (chew pai dish) of Claypot Loh Shue Fan failed in comparison.  It tasted flat, especially so after the Siew Yuk dish with lots of wok hei.  I still prefer the one in Petaling Street.