Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Thai Cuisine @ Serisik, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

If fiery hot tomyum is what you crave for, I would totally recommend you to head to Serisik in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail.  They make a mean version which makes you grasping for air or water, and be warned ... it might even upset your stomach if you can´t control yourself from downing the whole bowl.  Yes, my friend H did just that and soon enough, it turned into misery.

I know my limits.  Especially so after living away from my birthhome for so many years and am now being surrounded by milder tasting, and stringently controlled food processing and cooking method here in Germany.  But sometimes I do throw in my towel and give my dun-give-a-hood-attitude!  For these sweet, sour, spicy Pomelo Salad, it is worth it!  There were very good.  The magic lies in the sauce balance and they seem to do it very well here in Serisik.

Much to my dissapointment, Serisik does not offer fish cakes but instead, has a substitute of Prawn Cakes.  It ain´t the same of course, but it was deep fried very well.  However, I do not remember the distinct Kaffir Lime Leave in it so, to me ... this is a mediocre.

A good chicken marinade, wrapped in pandan leave and deep fried to perfectly never fail to tantalise my tastebud.  More so if the meat is sprouting with juice when one bites into them.  Oh yum!

Serisik is rated highly on my list for good Thai Food.  I do hope that they keep up the good work so that I would be able to enjoy them again in few months time!

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