Monday, 28 July 2014

Restaurant Zur Barriere

What a week it had been.  A week where the world witness air disasters one after another, and how esteem news agency  turn into a mere tabloid level news reporting with below par evidence to support their news.  That plus the war thats going on in Gaza, I hope it ends soon so that no more civillians get hurt or die.  It is at times like these that I feel blessed and thankful for being born and now residing in a stable free country which are also war and natural disaster free.  Life goes on as one says and never forget to cherish what is infront of us.

Back to my blog posting, our dinner last week to celebrate hubby´s birthday.  It was really funny because the sign board says it is Italian menu every Thursday but we found nothing italian at all here except for 3 varieties of pasta dishes hidden in their long menu.  The pasta did not even sound italian so we ordered what German chef does best : pork dishes.

Mine was Schwein Medallion with French Sauce.  Hubby had their Schnitzel with Gourmet Mushroom Sauce.  You can never go wrong with pork dishes in Germany so, yeah, we came back with a happy tummy.

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