Sunday, 13 July 2014

Fürstenberg Bräustüble @ Donaueschingen

Hubby and I loveeee exploring brewery or winery kind of restaurants whenever we travel around this region.  Not only are they applenty, the food serve up are usually top-notch and what´s even better are the superb, fresh beer or selected wine that comes with it.  During our recent trip to Black Forest region, we have been fortunate to try not only one but two fantastic brewery cum restaurant.

Fürstenberg, which was incorporated back in 1283 survived the test of time with not only an impressive beer brewed here, my Braumeister-Pfannle or translated loosely to Brewmaster´s Pan (17.50 euro) was superb indeed.  Small succulent pieces of Schweine Medallions (I loveee this cut and would order it defaultly whenever I am in a German restaurant) were top notch.  The matching of gourmet mushrooms, possibly freshly harvested from this region were sublime.

Hubby´s Schwarzbierbraten (13.50 euro) arrived soon after and it looked every bit just as glorious.  I can tell that the pork had been tenderly cooked and the black beer sauce, oh wow ... I could just drink it up!  I am usually not a fan of Rotkraut or red cabbage but I guess, I have not been eating the good ones, and these I was told, tasted home made and balance.  

In Germany, it is very common to just order a main course plus a drink for dinner as their portions don´t come small.  But Fürstenberg restaurant is what I classify as in between brewery portion (hugeee) and restaurant portion (small) hence we´ve got room for some sweet ending of ice cream, some local strawberries and cream.

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  1. Lianne,

    i live very near to Donaueschingen! Hope you had a great time there!



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