Sunday, 15 June 2014

Thai Braised Pork Leg Rice, Tomyum & Papaya Salad @ Lai Thai, Section 17 Petaling Jaya

Thai food is simply fab.  It is exciting, fresh, colourful and healthy if one goes lighter on the carb or the heavy curries.  Fortunately in Klang Valley, the folks are bless with enough options to keep one sane.  This trip, I tried everything from high end restaurants (Barn Thai), to Kopitiam style (Serisik in TTDI) to street style call Lai Thai which is located in Section 17, Petaling Jaya.

It was for lunch and I was alone but look what I ordered!

A huge bowl of Seafood Tomyum Soup, which is super yum!  Fiery, hot, flavourful and its seafood fresh tasting, how I wish I could get this here during winter!

I love their papaya salad too.  Strange that I can´t seem to find Papaya Salad that easily as oppose to Mango Salad so I thoroughly enjoyed these.
And the reason why I was there was for this plate of succulent, soft, goey, flavourful plate of super, SUPER yummmmm Thai Braised Pork Leg Rice.  Full stop.

It is good, very good indeed.

And yay to the Kland Valley folks that they don´t have to fly all the way to Bangkok to have these anymore!

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