Monday, 2 June 2014

Seafood Lunch @ Lala Chong Kayu Ara

I took my immediately familly out for lunch one weekend.  It had been a week since I returned home but I had yet had a chance to eat good, proper seafood.  The thing about seafood meal is this.  You can´t dine in small group otherwise you will crack your head trying to trim down which dishes to order.  Eating in an authentic seafood restaurant at night might scare away the faint hearted because the good restaurants get usually pack hence noise level gets very high.  A bit too uncomfortable for me really, to enjoy my piece of crab without distraction.

The venue was chosen and it was Lala Chong. They had since relocated and its a mere 10 minutes drive away from Sunway Damansara.  Fantastic.  When we arrive around noon, the restaurant was almost empty.  Lovely :-)  Service was prompt and we proceeded to ordering.

We stared off with Tauhu Kan (Tofu Soup), which resembles everybit like Sharksfin Soup.  But like they say, Sharksfin absorbs the flavour from the soup and itself is indeed bland, so my question is, why can´t wedding dinner make do without Sharksfin soup and go with this Tofu Soup instead?  Taste wise for this bowl is FANTASTIC.  We cleaned the bowl literarily.  With our yummy Mantou.

Mantis Prawn, ahh.  What can I say except, it is two years since I tasted you.  But Lala Chong´s version had been too skimpy.  Coating was simply too thick for me to actually taste the Mantis Prawn.  Sauce was delicious though.

I know the Kangkung hoo-haa had long subsided but I still find the whole remark back then totally insensative.  So it did somehow make me question how much did this Kangkung Belacan plate cost while enjoying it.  It is no longer cheap! So now makan apa Mr. PM?!. 

A lot of reviews online says that this Siong Tong Lala is a MUST ORDER dish when one dines in Lala Chong. I could not agree more.  The soup is simply addictive! We all LOVED it.

We could not decide which style of cooking to prepare the 2kg crab we ordered so we did half and half.  The first half was cooked the Salted Egg way, which I find it becoming more and more common trend in Klang Valley chinese restaurants.  They coat not just seafood with it but also meat, poultry, tofu and vegetables. Totally creative :-)  Taste wise for these for me were mediocre, sadly.  I guess I had my hopes too high or perhaps, we ordered too much and the crab as one of the last we attacked.  The crab quality was superb though, very meaty but pricey (80 ringgit per kilo), but I would have love this dish to be a bit more saucey.

The famous mantou which we use to clean up the bowl of Taufu Kan.  Superb stuff.

We chose Butter style for the other cooking method, with layers of butter sauce dripping all over the table as we scoop them over to our plate.  Ha.  This is what I call Dai-Chow style eating, it has to be messy otherwise it would just not taste the same!  I enjoyed this tremendously.  The rich sauce lent a lovely flavour to the sweet, succulent flesh within.  The process of hammering the crustacean, digging, sucking the meat out plus having to handle the butter sauce mess ... gawt, I am already missing this dish by writing them here!

So here you go, one of my memorable meal I had with my immediate family when I was back in KL last month.  The bill came up to around RM450 which I find a bit pricey but its mainly due to the type of crab chosen (but hey, they did not ask us what we wanted, so sneaky sneaky Lala Chong ... not good!), but having said that, I would return again for some of the dishes there.

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