Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Nyonya Cuisine @ Bibichik SS2, Petaling Jaya

Thinking back, every single dish we had on our table were superbly executed.  This is the thing with eatery in Klang Valley.  If the establishment withstood the test of time and is still drawing crowd, the food has got to be good.  Bibichik as such, falls into this category and prove to be an all round winner.

The dishes actually took a while to arrive.  But the moment the first plate hits the table, there´s no holding back, including the diner themselves who were seen tucking in furiously onto respective plates.  I can´t remember which came first, but I did remember how soft and flavourful the Ayam Pongteh was.

I also remembered the crunch, chewiness and slight sweetness from the Honey Fried Squid.  Gawt, I do miss this very much.  The smell of stinky petai cooked in a fiery sambal prawn sauce is still fresh in my memory.  The petais were crunchy, with slight bittertaste as how I like it.  From the petai to the succulent and crunchy tasting prawns, it was exceptionally authentic and tasty as how I remembered them.

There were also Pai Tee and few other dishes that night.  Photos missing and try to take a wild guess why.
I like the way how Bibichik prepares their Brinjal.  Deepfried them to perfection with crunchy outer and soft inner, then drizzle them with a flavourful sauce to lift the dish up.  If I were to live in Malaysia, I don´t think I would have problems turning into a full time vegetarian.  It was delicious.  I should learn to make them soon.

As always, the fish dish arrived last.  It is something very common when one order dishes for communal eating in this part of the world especially so with Steam Fish because it is meant to be eaten hot, on the spot.  Furthermore, fish is a light dish so no matter how full you are, you will still tuck some in.

I love my fish, especially so when it is steamed and flavoured in a Sweet Sour sauce.  How appetising and healthy too!

We ended the meal with some dessert, and by then, my fingers were just too heavy to lift my 1/2 kilo heavy camera up to snap any more photo.  It was a great night.  The food was fantastic and if I might say something ... Klang Valley folks are truly blessed with great food around them, all around the clock.

This place to me is definately a keeper.

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