Thursday, 19 June 2014

Nasi Lemak & Sirloin Steak @ Myth Eatery & Bar (M Boutique Hotel), Ipoh

Having just flown in from Germany the night before to KL, the first thing I ordered when I arrive in Ipoh with my sister the next morning was a huge plate of Nasi Lemak.  I took a slow drive up amidst slight jet-lag but it was all worth it because I have been looking forward to this short trip with my dear sister for the longest time ever.  Ipoh seems interesting after reading some blogs online that there seems to be a cafe evolution going on.  My drive up which was suppose to take no more than 3 hours, took more than 3 hours :-)  So you can pretty much guess that by the time we reach Ipoh, we were both famished.

Here´s what I ordered after checking in to our hotel.  And no, it was not M Boutique where this cafe is located because it was fully booked.  Instead, we checked into the new Ibis Style Ipoh and had the most amazing time due to the lovely, lovely staff who went all the way out for us! M Boutique however, though more fanciful to the eye for their decor were lavish and rich, and them being in the same price range as Ibis, their service needs lots of tweaking.  We contemplated checking in our second night into M Boutique upon finding out that a room is available after all but the reception service level turned us off.  The service level at this cafe reconfirmed our judgement so, we had no regrets staying put in Ibis.

About the food!

Its okay.  Not fantastic in terms of taste really.  If you add the price factor in, I would say it is too upmarket for a town like Ipoh.  This plate of Nasi Lemak, I reckon is around the region of 25 - 30 ringgit?  It is satisfying for me since I´ve just flown in and I do miss my Nasi Lemak, but thinking back now ... taste wise was average.

Now, the shocker is this appetiser dish.  My sister lovesssss mushroom so we decided to order them.  It was in the region of RM22.00 approximately but what greated us were these miserable 7.  We clearly expected more, perhaps some fancier cooking method or at least for goodness presentation sake, put them in a smaller plate so they don´t look so miserable.

My sister commented that their steak were tasty.  Good to hear that she enjoyed it! Because it was for a belated birthday treat and she being a western food lover, I thought Myth Eatery & Bar is `the`place to go in Ipoh.  Sorry for the mushroom sis!  Price wise as I recall were pretty pricey, but I shall not judge how pricey that is since I did not get to taste how good it was, what type of Beef were use etc  and as one know, beef depending on the producer can get very pricey.

We had a bit of room left for dessert so their Tiramisu (RM18.00) wrapped up our meal.  I would say this is the highlight of the meal.  Well prepared, light and yet, full of espresso goodness ... perhaps it is the coffee addict in me that agrees well.

The place is done up really well, evidence from photos taken by customers who visited and had posted them online.  Every inch of the space was well thought off and it was one of those spaces where I could draw lots of inspiration from to add a bit more character to our living room.  Industrial with british india inspired theme.

We later found out that there is another cafe hidden at the other corner! The food looks more authentic and price is way cheaper because it is Ipoh Old Town Cafe!  If we return again some day, I reckon the latter would be our clearer choice.

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