Sunday, 29 June 2014

Nasi Dagang + Soft Shell Crab Linguine @ Plan B, Ipoh

Under the intense heat of tropical sun, we cannot help but escaped to a cafe instead of hitting the local non-airconditioned kopitiam for lunch.  It´s a shame, I know.  With all the glorious food found abundantly all over Ipoh.  But yes, there is a but.  One of the reason why we decided to check Ipoh out this time round too was precisely for this reason.  The cafe culture!  Alas, it was back to something Klang Valley has (and again, I´m ashame to admit this and blame it on my jetlag for my misadventure!) Plan B that is.

My lunch was Nasi Dagang, I think.  I am not very sure but it looked every bit like it.  It was as I recall, a much better version than Myth Cafe we had just a day earlier.  It came with flavourful rice, a good portion of chicken thigh cooked in a thick, creamy, rendang sauce.  A fiery red dollop of sambal sauce as you can see here, and some other condiment hidden behind, of which I can´t remember, sorry!  Oh yes, there´s keropok too! The plate is filled to the brim. Lovely and I can´t be more please with it.

My sister apparently made a very good choice.  It seems that her Soft Shell Crab Linguine is quite well known dish to order whenever one dines in Plan B.  I didn´t know that until a few of my friends started recommending me this exact dish whenever I mention I plan to visit Plan B.  And I totally understand why.  Creamy butter-like sauce with chilli padi AND curry leaf. It is a winning combo, and to top with chunks of fleshy Soft Shell Crab.  This is a winner in Plan B!

We wanted to have more, to kill time as it started to pour as I remember it, but we were too stuffed.

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