Sunday, 22 June 2014

Haus Gemachte Suppe @ Deli Cafe Bar Restaurant, Lake Constance

It was possibly the hottest day in this part of the world that day.  From what we heard on the radio later, the weather around Lake Constance soared all the way up to 38C!  Now I know it is nothing compare to the weather in Middle East or even Malaysia where I came from, but the impact was felt possibly due to the sky being clear and without cloud hence direct heat from the sun?  Possible too that, it is very uncommon to walk into an establishment or even a home with aircond so one just got ot live with it during summer here.

Lake Constance is really a lovely place to spent a holiday on. I am hoping we will return one day because there simply is so much to do.  The lake being shared by 3 countries : Germany, Switzerland and Austria with a beautiful alps as a backdrop does make one feel, this is it. It is where I want to retire.  Dotting the huge lake are villages, towns and even cities filled with so much history, culture, activities and more.

I settle for a light Prawn Soup with noodle in one of prominent lounge style cafe.  To hide from the heat and duck underneath the umbrella so to speak, but really ... the slight wind from the lake is making is tired and lazy hence needing caffeine to perk us up.  While at it, we nibbled on something light.  I love it when a restauranteur gets very generous with their ingredients.  Lots and lots of crunchy, fresh prawns hidden underneath the soup ... yumyum :-)  Hubby on the other hand loves his bread and spread.  

I thought I´d share you something funny I saw that day ...

You would like to have a boat paddling or boat sailing session but your baby is with you?  Fret not! They provide babysitting service too! Literarily at the docking area!

Cool eh :-)

Loveeee the lake :-) 

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