Saturday, 14 June 2014

Flammkuchen @ Winstub-Restaurant Pfefferbriader (Strasburg, France)

Holidays are fun! But, it can be tiring that one may need another holiday to recuperate from a holiday.  Yes, we just got back from a week long holiday.  The original plan was to stay put in South West Germany in an area call Schwarzwald or Blackforest but we ended up in France, Switzerland and even contemplate hoping over to Austria.  It is a vast area with lots of variaties of things to do.  I didn´t know that.  So anyway, we ended up in Strasburg on fine day.  The weather was scorching hot, not surprising but still not to our liking - so from time to time while checking out the monuments in this quaint town, we walk into some restaurants or cafes for some bite just to escape the heat.

We had their famous Flammkuchen.  It is a very German style kinda meal but if you´re unaware, this part of the world has steep history of being conquered by German, French, back to German again then French, and god knows how many times but it was what had happened, and hence the identity crisis in their monument style as well as their culture and food.

The Flammkuchen was paper thin.  It is really, really good. I also love the way how they added shaved onion slices on top after baking it.  A lot of people tells me that Strasburg is even more beautiful during Christmas.  That, I have to see.

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