Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Dutch Paella & Pomme @ Het Brouwcafé, Scheveningen

This is a very long overdue post that took place around Autumn last year.  It was a spontaneous weekend trip, somewhere 200km north-east from our place to the Dutch border.  We both love the beach, or near water so its a blessing that its within driving distance and not too far off.  Scheveningen is the next beach town adjoining Den Hague.  Lovely place, really with super imposing Casino Hotel right smack in the middle of town with all its glory.

Anyway the reason why I am posting this is to share with you how a Dutch Paella look like!  See below ...

Amazing isn´t it! Look at the amount of seafood piled up!  The paella rice was buried right underneath it all, flavourful still but gosh, the glorious seafood! Since this Beer Brewer is located in a Hafen (or Harbour), it is not a surprise their catch is right off the nest to their kitchen.  If I´m not mistaken, I paid less than 10 Euro for this place, which is a STEAL.  If you are in this part of the world and in this town, I totally recommend you to try it out.  The view here is charming and relaxing, and that is always a plus point.

I can´t remember the name of the dish hubby ordered, but he commented that its good and fresh.  He loves his fries this way, thick and crispy on the outside but yet, fragrant and soft on the inside.  I´m not so much a potato fan so I can´t tell if this fries is top notch or the other place is better, but my gwai lou hubby eat them growing up so I will take his word for it and he said its GOOD.

I will leave you with a snap of Steigenberger Kurhaus Hotel.

The inner dining hall or restaurant ...

Front view of the hotel but just partial take of it ...

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