Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Traditional Nasi Lemak @ Bens, KLCC

This is the infamous national dish of Malaysia, the Nasi Lemak.  Every food establishment serving these will have their own concoction to what makes it great but essentially, it is made up of coconut milk rice, sambal, egg, fried anchovies, fried peanuts and sliced cucumber.  The posh version comes with selection of spicy dishes ranging from meat base, seafood to vegetables.  I like mine simple without any fuse but a good sambal base, however, I selected  Bed because the view from Ben KLCC is fantastic.  The restaurant itself oozes lounge appeal which means that I could seat for hours with my favourite latte or anything at all just to chill after some walking in the mall.

One of my favourite buildings in the world.  To me, it beats the tallest in the world hands down.  Also, the many lovely architecture you can find all over the world ... there is just something magical looking up to this iconic building in my homeland, especially at night which captivates me every single time.  For this reason, I try to make it a point to drive down to KL city centre from my place in Petaling Jaya, a good 15km away just to ....

Take it all in ...

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