Friday, 30 May 2014

Szechuan Dinner @ Esquire Kitchen, Damansara Jaya

One evening enroute to a drinking session, me and my friend H decided to layer our stomach with food in Esquire Kitchen.  The spanking new outlet in Damansara Jaya was conveniently located along the shop rows behind the now defunct Atria Shopping Centre.  I say, good choice Esquire Kitchen DJ as it was previously such a hassle to to find a car park, then walk some distance to the shopping mall just to have a meal there!

Since there are only two of us, we had four dishes with one missing as we got them sent back for being undercooked.  We had Eggplant Szechuan Style.  Still as good I remember them!

Then comes the piece de resistance ... Tung Po Meat with layers of fats still evident after hours of cooking and once in mouth, it literarily MELTS away.  SUPER YUM!  Good job Esquire Kitchen DJ! And of course, one can´t miss eating these with their fame ManTou or Steam Bun.  It is a MUST.

Last but not least, Mapo Beancurd which I miss thoroughly since moving here.  Getting good quality beancurd is like searching for a needle in a haysack so I treasured every single morsel of these that evening.

Esquire Kitchen may not be THE place to dine during family weekends anymore due to the amount of competition sprouting at every corner but I´m glad I paid a visit still as the food simply is still good.

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