Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Barn Thai, Jaya 33

I´ve just returned home from a fantastic trip back to my birth home, Malaysia.  So much had changed within the span of just 8 months I was last there.  New unrecognised buildings are popping everywhere, some roads redirected and changed to accomodate new housing area.  Some restaurants closed down but new ones are replaced quickly, and the ones I am most please about is there seems to be a vast interest in drinking seriously good coffee there - which I will blog about later.  Today, I would like to feature an eatery call Barn Thai which some of the locals living in Petaling Jaya is familiar with.  They made a come back after the owner decided to do a short stint in Bangkok.  The food prove to be top notch authentic.  With KL and PK folks being swamped but Thai eateries (Serisik, Thai Camp, Rama V and its sister companies, and those found in shopping malls), one just need to be very good to survive.

Thanks AyLuan and hubby for the lovely treat one night.  I manage to try a couple of their famous dishes san carbohydrate because I have been binging non-stop since getting back. I shall leave the photos below to do the talking ...

I´m pretty sure some food photos are missing from here. It is mainly finger food, perfect for ladies night out to nibble on with some New Zealand red. Barn Thai seem to carry an impressive whisky menu so if you´re a fan, I reckon its the place to be.  The red Pinot Noir we tried was good.  It went really well with Thai food which one know, can be quite fiery and is very flavourful.  A white would have drowned it down.

From the photos above, the one that impressed me most were the Stuffed Crab.  I love anything to do with crab, but to be fair, the fishcakes, mince pork appetiser, and Tempura Prawn are all equally as delicious.  Me and my friends have made a pact to return again when we return back to Malaysia in a few months time.

Yes, in a few months time ... :-)

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