Friday, 30 May 2014

Szechuan Dinner @ Esquire Kitchen, Damansara Jaya

One evening enroute to a drinking session, me and my friend H decided to layer our stomach with food in Esquire Kitchen.  The spanking new outlet in Damansara Jaya was conveniently located along the shop rows behind the now defunct Atria Shopping Centre.  I say, good choice Esquire Kitchen DJ as it was previously such a hassle to to find a car park, then walk some distance to the shopping mall just to have a meal there!

Since there are only two of us, we had four dishes with one missing as we got them sent back for being undercooked.  We had Eggplant Szechuan Style.  Still as good I remember them!

Then comes the piece de resistance ... Tung Po Meat with layers of fats still evident after hours of cooking and once in mouth, it literarily MELTS away.  SUPER YUM!  Good job Esquire Kitchen DJ! And of course, one can´t miss eating these with their fame ManTou or Steam Bun.  It is a MUST.

Last but not least, Mapo Beancurd which I miss thoroughly since moving here.  Getting good quality beancurd is like searching for a needle in a haysack so I treasured every single morsel of these that evening.

Esquire Kitchen may not be THE place to dine during family weekends anymore due to the amount of competition sprouting at every corner but I´m glad I paid a visit still as the food simply is still good.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Kway Chap & Sarawak Kolo Mee in Ho Chaz, Kota Damansara

I love the area my parents live in, in Petaling Jaya.  Many Malaysians will agree that to enjoy good hawker food, one has to travel north towards Penang but I disagree.  If one knows the nooks and corner of Petaling Jaya and its vicinity well, there´s plenty to gloat about.

Riding on my list of must have during my recent trip back is Ho Chaz Coffee Shop in Kota Damansara.  I was literarily jumping for joy when I spotted a Kway Chap stall in it!  It is a must, MUST have because I love Kway Chap and I don´t know anywhere else around this area which serves them.

The other must have item in this spanking clean, and supposedly air-conditioned Coffee Shop aka Kopitiam is Sarawak Kolo Mee.  Yes, both the bowls were MINE one sunday morning because its RARE to get them out of their respective state of birth e.g Sarawak and Penang/Singapore.

Craving satisfied enuff said, so I am one happy food blogger this trip.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Fu Kua Restaurant, Taman Sea, Petaling Jaya

We made it to a simple chinese restaurant that specialises in Fu Kua or Bittergourd one hot afternoon.  Though there were only two of us and a child, we ORDERED anyway. 

Photo at the top - Deep Fried Squid with Salted Egg

Tofu with Mince Pork Sauce

Deep Fried Chicken with Butter & Curry Leave.

The last dish, something to live up to the name of the restaurant.  Stew Fish with Bittergourd, which I totally dig and hope to replicate them at home should supply of Bittergourd come my way one day.

Overall, it is a decent lunch combining seafood, meat, and some vegetables ... balance as how it should be for a chinese meal but do overlook the oil / deepfried action involve :-)

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Traditional Nasi Lemak @ Bens, KLCC

This is the infamous national dish of Malaysia, the Nasi Lemak.  Every food establishment serving these will have their own concoction to what makes it great but essentially, it is made up of coconut milk rice, sambal, egg, fried anchovies, fried peanuts and sliced cucumber.  The posh version comes with selection of spicy dishes ranging from meat base, seafood to vegetables.  I like mine simple without any fuse but a good sambal base, however, I selected  Bed because the view from Ben KLCC is fantastic.  The restaurant itself oozes lounge appeal which means that I could seat for hours with my favourite latte or anything at all just to chill after some walking in the mall.

One of my favourite buildings in the world.  To me, it beats the tallest in the world hands down.  Also, the many lovely architecture you can find all over the world ... there is just something magical looking up to this iconic building in my homeland, especially at night which captivates me every single time.  For this reason, I try to make it a point to drive down to KL city centre from my place in Petaling Jaya, a good 15km away just to ....

Take it all in ...

Barn Thai, Jaya 33

I´ve just returned home from a fantastic trip back to my birth home, Malaysia.  So much had changed within the span of just 8 months I was last there.  New unrecognised buildings are popping everywhere, some roads redirected and changed to accomodate new housing area.  Some restaurants closed down but new ones are replaced quickly, and the ones I am most please about is there seems to be a vast interest in drinking seriously good coffee there - which I will blog about later.  Today, I would like to feature an eatery call Barn Thai which some of the locals living in Petaling Jaya is familiar with.  They made a come back after the owner decided to do a short stint in Bangkok.  The food prove to be top notch authentic.  With KL and PK folks being swamped but Thai eateries (Serisik, Thai Camp, Rama V and its sister companies, and those found in shopping malls), one just need to be very good to survive.

Thanks AyLuan and hubby for the lovely treat one night.  I manage to try a couple of their famous dishes san carbohydrate because I have been binging non-stop since getting back. I shall leave the photos below to do the talking ...

I´m pretty sure some food photos are missing from here. It is mainly finger food, perfect for ladies night out to nibble on with some New Zealand red. Barn Thai seem to carry an impressive whisky menu so if you´re a fan, I reckon its the place to be.  The red Pinot Noir we tried was good.  It went really well with Thai food which one know, can be quite fiery and is very flavourful.  A white would have drowned it down.

From the photos above, the one that impressed me most were the Stuffed Crab.  I love anything to do with crab, but to be fair, the fishcakes, mince pork appetiser, and Tempura Prawn are all equally as delicious.  Me and my friends have made a pact to return again when we return back to Malaysia in a few months time.

Yes, in a few months time ... :-)