Friday, 4 April 2014

Tony´s Ristorante - Pizzaria, San Remo

We would probably have drove all the way to Genova to taste the real pesto sauce if not for the fact that our trip was only a 3 night stay trip.  We could have actually, but since we are planning another trip towards that direction in few months time, we shall be a bit more patience.

Strangely, the pasta was slightly undercooked and not al-dente as expected.  Is this normal?  The pesto sauce was sublime.  The basil is indeed different from the ones we get here.

I opted for salad!  It must be the sunny weather down south that salad is the way to go.

This is the reward for being so disciplined with my lunch choice :-)  The melon gelato I had was out-of-this-world.  Every mouthful was bursting with melon flavour.  I guess I have found myself a new favourite gelato.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Da Nico Trattoria del Porto, San Remo

It was my intention to try the real seafood aglio oglio deal and fortunately, I found a Trattoria serving them while breezing through the town square one afternoon.  Hubby thought I was being a gluttony, seeing that we´ve got a four course meal dinner arranged every evening at our hotel, and the fact that breakfast was also a vast spread.  I´m on holiday!

You can take a german out of Germany, but you can never take Germany out of him.  He´s gotta have his meat.

The trattoria is located in a quiet square right smack in town centre but towards direction of old port.  The amount of restaurants and cafe here is mind-boggling, and it is not a surprise that restaurants owner oblige strange request from discerning customers, like us, who actually shared 1 set of a four course lunch.  Thankfully we shared.  The portions huge!

Another lovely thing about this square are the orange trees lining the courtyard.  How quaint!