Monday, 31 March 2014

Albatros Restaurant, Lindner Airport Hotel Dusseldorf

We checked into Lindner Airport Hotel Dusseldorf the night before our long, awaited anniversary trip.  Dinner was at local resident restaurant, which was not bad at all.  I had a small serving of Prosciutto Wrapped Melon while hubby zoomed straight into his main course!

Pasta was a bit overcooked, but the seafood tasted fresh.  I would have preferred by Aglio Oglio to come with more olive oil and not so dry, but having said that, the taste was spot on.

Hubby hardly eat beef and it seems that his choice of Beef Steak with Mustard Crust proved to be a blessing.  But there´s a story to this choice which I will blog about later ... :-)

The restaurant menu does not have any description of desserts, except that if you want a sweet ending, just order a Flying Dessert.  Its a surprise.  And so, with much anticipation from us and I reckon lots o diner in the restaurant, the flying dessert ends up to be a waiter bringing a tray for dessert right to your table for your selection.  Haha.  What a gimmick!  But, its reasonably priced and came with 5-6 selection, and perhaps its a good thing that one can see how attractive it looks before picking up onés choice?  I went for a Espresso Creme Brulee (its soooo good!) and hubby had their Dark Chocolate Mousse.

Service was pretty prompt in this restaurant.  Well, after all it should be a hotel service level.  Food wise was above average, but if you ask me if I would return, hmmmm .. I will explore other possibilities if I´m  not too tired to venture out.

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