Thursday, 27 February 2014

Top 10 Places in Europe (that I would like to visit soon)

When it comes to vacation time, living in Europe is a real blessing.

The choices are unlimited, and even if you´ve visited one favourite capital over and over again, time and energy rebuilts itself. Some locals here are happy with visiting the same spot for their summer vacation every single year but for us, we make it a point to visit at least 1 new destination every single year.

Prior to my work commitment, we were bless to be able to go on vacation almost every month. Some short days and then long ones during spring, summer, autumn and then winter breaks because Germans, are lucky people if I must say. They get a minimum of 30 paid work days a year and hubby gets more than that in addition to his extra hours filled up throughout the year. We use to have the luxury of going as and when we want, scouting the best deals in town but sadly, it had since stopped after I got myself a teaching job.

But we try and make the best out of the situation. Here´s what I personally would love see really soon! We are making plans already, and one being just a week away from today so I´m really, really excited! We got ourself a lovely historic hotel infront of the beach with lots of sun a few metres away, lots of flower in a city known for flowers :-) Not to mention, the food is reputable to be very good and our hotel arrangement comes with top notch cuisine arrangement! So woohoo!

Here´s the list ...

Santorini, Greece

Seville, Spain

Provence, France

Edinburg, Scotland

Cinque Terre, Italy

Rome, Italy

Lisbon, Portugal


Vienna, Austria

and ...

gorgeous Tuscany in Italy!

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