Friday, 14 February 2014

Tofu with Mince Pork Sauce

Recently, I came across a youtube video of a Malaysian girl base in Germany who cooks really well.  Her name is Grace, a very young girl judging from her look but had since done some collaboration with some companies in producing pretty good Malaysian and Nyonya recipes.  One of the dishes I got smitten with was this Steam Tofu with Mince Pork Sauce.  Very simple and homely cooking if you ask me, but nevertheless delicious.  I have this knick of adding Xiao Shing Wine in my cooking lately due to my addiction in watching from Taiwanese cooking programme lately, and indeed, the wine does make a difference in elevating a lot of dishes to a deeper level. 

My tofu here got a kick start first.  It was given a quick steam for 5 minutes.  But really, you can make do with less depending on what kind of tofu you use.  I then proceeded in making the mince meat sauce with chopped garlic and dried mushrooms.  And thats it apart from the seasoning from soya sauce, dark soya sauce, Xiao Shing Wine, oyster sauce and then later thickening agent corn flour to bind the sauce together.  This was my lunch and I could not be more please.  Tomorrow is the last day of Chinese New Year it seems and not Saturday, so I will be rushing off to some shopping later to create the last Chinese New Year meal of the year.  So, stay tune!

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