Monday, 3 February 2014

Teochew Lor Ark

In France, the mandarin orange will probably end up as a sauce for the duck on the right.  Which is after all, not a bad idea.  Cooking meat with fruit is nothing new and thats quite an inspiration there for next year.  But for this year, its same old tried and tested recipe from who else, but inspiration from my grandmother.  Consuming duck is pretty common among chinese.  Roast Duck being one of the famous treats from cantonese region.  The teochews which are further up has their way of preparing them.  It is braised for hours with lots of herbs, but not before coating its skin with caramel first to give it a nice smokey, sweet and salty balance taste later.  I got this recipe from a Singapore website.  It is still not as good as the one I made many years ago, however, I´ve got no recollection of where I got that recipe from! Arg!  At the moment, will make do with this version until I find the right one again. 

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