Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Teo Chew Kway Chap

Grandma, where are we going?

We will go watch chinese opera just right infront of the market square okay? It is very colourful and you will love it.

Is it far?

Oh no, it is not so far if you walk faster.

Those words from my grandma still runs in my head.  In her teochew.  I was possibly around 5 years old when my mum sent me to my grandma and then later, my godmother to stay for a week.  Though more than 30 years ago, its funny that I still remember every single detail from it clearly.

After the chinese opera performance at the temple, I remember walking around the market stand admiring each of the stand one by one.  I remember the hanging red charsiews at the butcher´s stand.  I also remember a make-shift corner at the corner of the market selling handkerchiefs and underwears but was all laid out on a huge piece of blue canvas cloth on the floor. My grandma urshered me to one side and urged me to pick up my favourite among the pile and I remember picking something with flower motives on it :-)  Some of the underwears had little motives on it, but it was probably something not so significant to me that time because I can´t recall how it look like but I do remember the hankerchiefs very well. 

Before walking home, my grandma stopped by her favourite food stall to pack some food back.  The owner was an old man.  It was a Kway Chap stand. I remembered the smell and as a kid, I did not like it at all. She packed a few packets with her and before long, we were on our way home;

I was not impress with the smell back then but look what I crave now. It surely brought back lots of wonderful memory about my grandma.

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