Thursday, 13 February 2014

Steamed Pomfret

A reunion dinner without a fish dish on the table is a big NO-NO.  It plays such a big significance due to its longevity signification that the cook of the house, usually the mother, would fuss over many aspect of dish.  From the type of fish selected, the size of it, how fresh is the fish, is the whole and intact with glowy gleaming skin, eyes are clear, the gills are red still and lastly, how to best prepare them.  But the last is very closely related to how fresh is the fish. 

If the fish is fresh, Chinese mother´s love steaming them to taste its delicateness.  If it is not fresh, frying or camouflaging them with sauces is the way to go.  But of course, it is not always the case as some families have moved away from traditional way of preparation and has instead embraced whatever style they fancy with the freshest of fish.

Its been a couple of months since I last had Steamed Fish.  Getting them whole and fresh is quite a challenge where I live, but due to the occassion, I made it a point to cross over to the border´s weekend market to grab these lovely pomfret.  It befits the special occassion, the fish whole with head and tail intact, possibly not the freshest but passable and its delicious when steamed right.

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