Friday, 28 February 2014

Orange & Yellow Tulips (Sunkiss from Heaven)

Another busy week ahead.  We did a couple of things last week after our interesting weekend in Dortmund so again, no update from the kitchen front.  But I vow to myself to strike back after our holiday coming weekend as I´ve bookmarked some recipes that I´ve been itching to try. 

Last week, we had a fabulous albeit panicky weekend away with hubby´s brother and his girlfriend.  They took us to a lovely restaurant perched at the top floor of the new culture centre building, only to end abruptly with a fire alarm evacuation before our meal arrived.  We had to calmly walk seven floors down but god knows what was in everyone´s head.  Was it terrorist work, vandalism or negligence?  Funny thing is, some couple insist of using the lift although the announcement prohibits them.  These are germans and the announcement was in German too?! 

That aside, we checked out another fabulous, historical restaurant in town soon after, and then later ended the night with lots of chatting in the kitchen later.  The next morning, Karola prepared us a lovely breakfast before making our way to an art gallery opening.  It was indeed a lovely Sunday spent this way.  How I wish there´s more of such installment in where I live :-)

Anyway, gotta run because we´re hosting some lovely friends over this weekend and I´ve got an invite to attend to inbetween this hosting!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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