Sunday, 2 February 2014

Joo Hoo Char

Sengkuang or Bangkuang is an indispensable ingredient in our household when cooking Lunar New Year dinner. My dad uses them as a vegetarian soup base to derive sweetness from it.  But my favourite way of enjoying it is in the form of Joo Hoo Char, a julienne style braised vegetable with further aroma infused from dried squid, pork belly slices, dried shrimps and chinese mushroom. 

Sengkuang is difficult to come by here and if it did, it would be very costly, according to my asian food stockist across the border.  Thankfully, I have found a wonderful substitute by using Kohlrabi. It worked perfectly well and taste almost the real Joo Hoo Char deal.

In Penang, the Joo Hoo Char is eaten as a wrap with a dollop of chilli sauce.  I´m utterly satisfied with the dish just by itself.  This to me is a nostalgic dish, and again, was something my grandmother lovingly prepares every single year to welcome her children and grandchilldren back home.

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