Sunday, 9 February 2014

Japanese Emperor Chicken

A chinese new year dinner will not be complete without a chicken dish on the table.  IN addition to a prawn, fish, soup, pork, duck and vegetables.  Essentially, the table will be filled to the brim with very little space for even an extra glass of drink.  Abundancy, the core message on the long awaited dinner.  I am amaze at how chinese mum seems to pull this important meal thru year after year, because I can´t imagine myself cooking more than 3-4 dishes for a few person least to say a table full for whole family and extended family. 

Today, I manage to get a short cut dish prepared on the table.  Its packet stuff really but who would nowadays concoct their own chinese herbal mixture to prepare just a dish with it? Very unlikely.  This packet of Japanese Emperor Chicken rub has been sitting in my pantry like, forever.  It is fairly easy to make.  Just rub the spices onto the chicken, then wrap the meat up with the provided plastic and aluminium foil attached and continue to steam them for two hours under very slow fire.

The results were fabulous.  The meat were so juicy, almost falling off its bone and its flavour were strong and kicked a punch too.  If you like asian herbs, you will love this.  I think I will grab a few packets of these on my upcoming trip back to Msia in two months time.

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