Thursday, 20 February 2014


Food post will be missing in action this week as I will be taking time off the kitchen to work in the garden.  The meteorologist here says that winter is officially behind us, yay! And we can safely welcome spring. 

So as of early this week, I have been moving our patio furnitures out, trimmed away the overgrown foliage of my grape hyacinthe (well, she does need a yearly haircut), and cleared away some dried leaves which fell from the nearby maple tree.  My seedings are doing well too and I had been tending to them religiously and I can´t wait to show you all what I have been seeding. 

I´ve also been shopping around for interesting container flowers and boy, there surely are lots of new varieties and hybrids available!  What I´m looking for is, easy to care, looks attractive and easy on the wallet.  I´ve also potted some spring arrangements in varieties of containers and vases to be placed around the house (picture above) and has been buying tulips weekly and placing them next to our breakfast table so that we could enjoy them first thing in the morning when we have breakfast.  Garden magazines? Checked.  Easter decorations? Getting there too! And the list goes on. 

I´m so excited because its spring and its one of my favourite season of the year!

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