Friday, 7 February 2014

Char Siew Pao

Today is the beginning of Li-Chun or Spring according to Chinese Solar Calendar.  It is believe that whatever good or bad that happens on this particular day will be translated to what year you will experience throughout the year.  Superstitous folks will also make it a point to bank in some money into their bank accout to give it a positive start.  This year, I decided to jump onto the bandwagon of this very tradition and have wanted to keep the day as simple and stress free as possible, but somehow I ended up waking up very early in the morning to make these cute little Char Siew Pao from the dough which I´ve prepared since yesterday morning.  Call it bad planning or meant to be, perhaps I should take it as this would be a busy year for me but if I were to do it right, it could be very rewarding like the way how the paos are smiling back to me right now.

Taste wise is superb!  I´m quite bad at writing recipes really, but do a simple google if you must.  The char siew filling is from WendyinKK under Easy Char Siew, and the dough is from Vivian Pang.  They are both respectively good with what they do and I trust their recipes fully because these paos had been such a testament to their skill.  Do try if you are missing them away from home like me :-)

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