Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Butter Prawns

I was thinking of naming this dish Hee Hee Har Har to signify the sound of laughter or happiness that is mostly associated with prawns during Chinese New Year.  Prawn is har in cantonese and during Chinese New Year, a lot of mother´s or restaurant chefs like to be inventive with such names to sound even more auspicious.  But one simple google and I bet you would come across lots of similiar names, so lets just stick back to its original name, okay? 

It is Butter Prawn.  Simple so as it uses butter. And another western ingredient in the form of oats, but thankfully, it stops there.  The magic ingredient to give it a very distinct, lovely fragrant comes from the so-ever precious curry leaves.  Not forgetting the essence of chinese cooking are, garlic and some slices of chillies to lift the taste higher.  This time round, I´ve seasoned the prawns beforehand with chicken granules to lend it a deeper flavour, thanks to a tip I got from a fellow blogger who recently cooked these.

Thanks Eiling! It surely made a difference!

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