Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wreath Bread

What a long overdue post this is! But it is something which I´m very, very proud off and would be a grave mistake if I don´t share them here.  It had been in my mind for awhile when I thought, hmmm .. instead of cooking the usual stuff for your yearly family feast that, this year, for a change, I should do something in addition for each to bring back to. 

Point in case, my brother in law and his girlfriend who lives some kilometres away and is always munching in their car during their long journeys as I was told.  Germans as one knows, loveee their bread so why not, bake my regular No-Knead-Bread and shape them into a wreath which befits the occassion.  What I did to the regular recipe is adding in olive oil, an egg, some butter and substituting normal water with milk.  And it worked marvelously.  Our dinner was italian inspired so I added in some parmesan cheese and got them sprinkled with olives and seasalt ...

It turned out lovelier than I anticipated .. so I´m pretty please with it :-)

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